Saturday, December 18, 2010

açaí na tigela / açaí bowl

I first had açaí na tigela at a small Brazilian cafe in Everett, Massachusetts. It was a delightful experience. I'd had açaí juice before, but I wasn't expecting its frozen, blended form to be so incredibly tasty. The crunch of the granola adds a surprisingly complementary texture to the refreshingly icy-but-smooth consistency of the fruit. The result is something an exotic version of a yogurt parfait. Serve for breakfast or as a dessert.

4 packs of frozen açaí pulp
1 frozen banana
a handful of frozen strawberries (optional)
a splash of orange juice (or any tropical juice)

For the topping
chocolate coconut almond granola (or whatever kind you like)
1 banana, sliced
a few strawberries, sliced (optional)

Cut each açaí pack in half. Blend the pulp with the frozen bananas, strawberries, and juice until the mixture is smooth.

Divide the mixture evenly into 2 bowls and top each serving with granola, half of a sliced banana, a generous drizzle of honey, and fresh strawberries if desired.

(serves 2)

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